Talent & Leadership Development

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

Fewer than 10% of organisations believe they have enough talented leaders to capitalize on their most promising growth opportunities.

In a continuously transforming business world, where uncertainty and resources shrinkage is becoming a constant, we understand that learning strategies had to take a new approach that is more concerned about the output of the learning and its impact on performance, rather than just input of knowledge and skill building.

Leadership Programs

Leaders are the heartbeat of your organization. They influence the success of your business profoundly. With our leadership services, we build capacity to increase the leadership excellence in your organization. We work with leaders at all levels to help them lead with integrity, foresight and impact. After identifying what leadership excellence truly means in your organization, we help your leaders tap into their unique potential to empower themselves and others to bring the desired goals to fruition.


Through our long-and short-term programs we have created a deep developmental curriculum for growing leaders’ capacity to create, innovate and produce change.


We apply  a variety of powerful tools, methods, and approaches for creating organizational and system change, developed by our team of practitioners.


  • Female Leadership
  • Transformational Emerging Leaders
  • Participatory Leadership

Ogranisational Change Management

With a unique CHANGE U approach, we lead organizations through transformational change experiences. As we believe that every change must lead towards renewal, transformation and on-going natural innovation, we consider our work to include far more than simple change management. Deeply ingrained in the fields of Organizational Psychology and Dynamic Systems Theory, we recognize that in every change process, there are aspects that need to be preserved and carried forward. We help you find the indispensable core of your business and connect your entire organization with it.


We utilize the necessary change to create lasting success, resilience and outstanding performance.

Team Dynamics

High Performing Teams don’t just happen…


Teams drive organizational progress, yet forming and leading highly effective teams is one of the most complex challenges facing any leader.


Sustain Leadership empowers teams and individuals to find bolder, more holistic ways of working together that promote collective talents and expertise, and generate ideas never before imagined.


In our practice we help individuals and teams learn how to to create broader opportunities using a results-oriented process based upon member relationships, shared experience, and interpersonal awareness. This offers professional teams and groups the intimate coordination, collaboration, and creative thinking needed to address complex issues.

Coaching & Mentoring

The roots of a tree may be invisible, but they determine what grows on the surface


As employees, leaders and executives,we are expected to produce top level results – all the time and for extended periods of time. Understanding this reality, our coaching relationship provides sounding board opportunities to spark inspiration, produce clarity and develop new horizon goals.


Our coaching approach combines sound business expertise with grounded theory and best practices. To fit into your busy schedule, our coaching sessions can take place via GoToMeeting, phone or face-to-face.


Through its global team of certified coaches, Sustain Leadership provides Executive and Team Coaching and delivers in-house coaching programs for leaders.


We also design, implement and manage internal Mentoring Programs