Our Story

Co-Creating The Future

Passion, Proactivity and Perseverance, our driving force

Sustain Leadership is the shared passion of 2 women who had different paths, careers, backgrounds but shared the same desire of contributing to a  positive change in their system and the wider world.


Amel Murphy who, grew up in different parts of Africa was exposed since early age to the sense of community living, and value creation with limited resources, where collective wisdom was the currency.


Hanane Benkhallouk,  on the other hand, was born and raised in Morocco to an entrepreneur father who was highly engaged in empowering community members from his village, she has carried that legacy further “I was impacted with the values of resource sharing and co-creation and the power of having a support system where everyone felt valued” she moved then to New York  city to continue her education and start her career.


Their paths crossed in Dubai, where east meets west, where the old and new are still highly interlinked.


“We realized that in the midst of a fast paced environment, where chasing modernity and continuous development was the focus, those authentic values were being lost, and with the growing pressure of finding solutions to global economy and social issues, impacting the bottom of the pyramid became a priority.”


“ After more than a decade of Global Leadership roles,I realized that The age of the individual leader is over. It is no longer possible for one individual to manage all the complexity and intensity of modern institutions. Power has decayed- it is held collectively and socially. Individuals and institutions who fail to see this will be left behind. Leadership is not necessarily linked to authority or a senior role, Leadership is embedded in every one of us, and the key is creating ‘leader-ful’ organisations, where people’s passion and true purpose can be expressed in their work”


When Hanane was in charge of innovation and entrepreneurship programs at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum foundation in Dubai,  two main reports about the Arab human capital were produced, the Arab Knowledge Report in partnership with the UNDP, and the Arab Human Capital Challenge, the voices of CEOs, in collaboration with PWC. “My close exposure to the findings of these 2 reports was a turning point in helping me connect with my true purpose, there was a need of change to empower our youth, leaders of the future, and I felt I was called to contribute to that change, by capitalizing on my 18 years of managerial experience within diverse fields.”


Using their rich heritage and diverse business acumen, the two dynamic ladies with their team work with their clients to co-create innovative solutions and achieve sustainable outcomes.

Our Team

A diverse Network of highly experienced practitioners, consultants, facilitators and coaches with a minimum of 10+ years of local and international experience within a variety of industries.


We select the best-qualified consultants for each new project team, guided by an experienced project leader.