Entrepreneurship & Innovation

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

We Work with Clients to Build more Innovative, Resilent and Sustainable Organisations

Innovation is more than a buzz word of our time. It has become one of the most important survival strategies of modern-day organizations. However, is often easier said than done.


Sustain Leadership guides clients through a unique integrated process of:


1. Building Innovation CAPACITY

2. Facilitating Innovation STRATEGY

3. Achieving Innovation OUTCOMES


Entrepreneurship is beyond having a great idea or the willingness to be one’s boss. It takes a certain skillset to venture into the entrepreneurial journey and build a sustainable business proposition.

We accompany entrepreneurs from that “Eureka ”moment, when the idea is being imagined and explored, to implementation and beyond.


Our approach is rooted in the human learning process, is rigorous, systematic and thorough, and addresses different learning styles so that the outcome facilitates learning and leads to improved performance.


Our programs are developed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and include a variety of real life experiences. We offer different programs for first time entrepreneurs, accomplished entrepreneurs as well as female entrepreneurs.


Staying resilient in today’s ever changing business environment is not an easy task.


Using well renowned Innovation Management instruments. We will identify the organisation’s innovation strengths and weaknesses in their current culture and processes and put forward a focused plan to build the organisation capacity for innovation.


We believe innovation is only sustainable if it is integrated into an organisation’s operations, allowing employees to fully participate and contribute to the innovation process.

Social Innovation

With raising pulbic consciousness about current challenges, How can social innovation be the answer?


Using our Social U process, we design social innovation/entrepreneurship incubator aimed at developing the capability to implement a focused, flexible, and recurring mechanism for managing social change.