Diversity & Inclusion

“Transforming organizations throughout the world towards becoming more conscious, inclusive, and humane communities”.

It Takes EACH of US to build an Inclusive Organisations


Our mission is to provide powerful solutions to organizations around the world in the areas of diversity, inclusion, cultural competency and Unconscious bias.

We are committed to creating work environment in which all people communicate effectively, recognize their value, develop themselves as leaders, and contribute powerfully to their organizations.


We need Empowerment, Accountability,Courage and Humility to become an Inclusive Leader


Our Diversity & Inclusion suite is designed and delivered in collaboration with our Strategic Partner Pluribus Europe


Our Gender-intelligence series are  tailored to organisation specific needs in developing gender inclusion at the work place

During these interventions, we raise awarness and examine the typical misinterpretation of both genders, explore the different ways men and women communicate, make decisions, appreciate and lead. Our facilitators will guide participants to an understanding of win/win communication.

Unconsicous Bias

It’s human nature to sometimes feel more comfortable with some people and not with others. We all get “triggered” by exposure to different kinds of people. Unconscious perceptions govern many of the most important decisions we make every day and these perceptions can potentially have a profound effect on our personal and professional lives.


Sustain Leadership design interventions to provide a comprehensive overview of the impact of “unconscious bias” on our personal beliefs and professional behavior. In our sessions, participants will take part in the “The Big Decision,” an experiential learning exercise that exposes hidden beliefs and attitudes toward others in the context of talent management.

Cross Cultural Inclusion

The historic pattern of “us vs. them” focus around issues of diversity and inclusion has often complicated our attempts to create truly inclusive organizations. And yet, history shows that true social or cultural change only ever happens when people from both the dominant and non-dominant groups can develop the ability to work in partnership.


Sustain Leadership has developed strategies and processes that help build trust between groups. We create opportunities for people of all groups to work side by side to develop more conscious and inclusive organizations.


Diversity & inclusion Strategies

Using the Five steps “Include U Map”,  to understand, assess, and develop a strategic diversity plan that closely links diversity to the business strategy of the organization.


This process engages employees across the entire organization, while helping participants define business implications and understand the greater complexity of diversity and inclusion, as it is applied to many areas of an organization.